KVB Konstruktion und Verbundbauweisen Chemnitz – Firmenstandort TCC


Our institute, founded in 1994, is first and foremost a recognized and permanently developing research institute. We have established this status with numerous research activities in areas such as lightweight plastic construction, fibre composites and composite materials. What really matters to our scientific employees is that our results contribute to industrial practice. That is why we strive to work with innovation-oriented companies in all of our projects.

One example of this is the development of new manufacturing technologies for extremely stiff and/or heat-stable carbon components which are used in sensor and measurement technology as well as in large-format printing technology or for application and systematic checks of functional coating on carbon.

A second focus of our activity is industrial service. It includes engineering services like professional consulting, competent construction and development as well as finite element studies and calculations for which we have up-to-date construction and FEM software available. And finally we should not forget our production service. The range goes from modelling (block material and wood) to tool and fixture construction (aluminium, steel, fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) prototype construction (including accompanying checks ) and further to batch production of completely customized carbon and other fibre-reinforced plastic components.

Our clients include well-known corporations and medium-sized companies in the automobile, aircraft and rail industry as well as clients in machine construction and sports equipment technology. A modern and well-kept plant (hot-pressings, CNC machining centres, tempering ovens, coiling machine, injection moulding machine, model building workshop and a lot more) enables our experienced team to perform well.

We decided to base our quality management on the principles of ISO 9001 to guarantee the reproducible, high-quality standard of our processes and products in a stable system. This lays the groundwork for our highly-qualified and motivated employees to manufacture products which fully meet our customers' expectations and for our customers to view KVB as a dependable, long-term partner.