With every new project our knowledge base grows. Many of the manufactured components are adjusted to customer requirements and are therefore unique specimens. The employees' know-how and the use of suitable machines enable us to process different forms of textile fibres (roving, non-woven fibre fabrics, fabrics with different structures, non-crimp fabrics, etc.) and to create individually adapted material which meets customer needs during component production.

The production of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic prototypes and batch production ia part of the everyday business just as coating the surfaces of finished components (cover and functional coating.) We adapt the plastic components with other parts to finish modules as well. For the exact mechanical processing of your carbon fibre-reinforced plastic we are equipped with capacities for truning, milling, drilling and grinding (conventional and CNC).



Our competences in the field of technologies are:

  • Prepreg technologies (low pressure and autoclave processing)
  • Injection technologies (RTM)
  • Infusion technologies
  • Fibre winding
  • Pressing technologies (duro and thermoplastic matrix, organic sheets)
  • Laminating
  • Heat treatment (convection oven, vacuum oven, muffle furnance, infrared heating section)
  • Adhesive connections