KVB Konstruktion und Verbundbauweisen Chemnitz – Das KVB-Team

Teamwork is the key!

Whoever scores the goals wins! So it is no surprise that the one who scores is usually the most popular one and is remembered. But waht happens before the goals are scored is often forgotten - the selection in the run-up, the solid training of each and every person, the development and common understanding of the strategy, perfect communication during the game, absolute will and finally the decisive pass.

We are interested in and enthusiastic about sports. Our employees are active soccer, handball, table tennis, badminton and hockey players and they run. Values which we have in sports such as reliability, team spirit, constant training and furhter education, modern equipment, perfect communication and finally friendship and fairness leave their mark on our daily work, internally and with our customers.

We as a company think we can learn a lot from sports. We do not have to be big, but we have to be fast. And we need to have the right person in the right place. And then it all comes down to the decisive pass!